patient testimonials

This letter (...) is to sing the praises of Dr. Robert Fliegler in Carson City. He is the first concierge doctor in the area and he treated my Mother, Clare White, over the last year until her passing in April. He will see you at his office or make home visits 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My mother was rotating between Evergreen Rehabilitation Center, Sierra Place or the Carson-Tahoe hospital during that year and Dr. Fliegler was always there for her and for me. He answered any questions I might have, checked on her regularly without me asking, researched prescriptions for generics to decrease her cost and was very kind and caring to her.
—Sheri L. Bashaw

I am a local health care provider and am extremely happy with the excellent service I have received from Dr. Fliegler. Same day service (Saturday no less AND my first time being seen), an hour and a half interview with the doctor, multiple follow-up emails to address long standing issues that I have failed to have addressed in the past and education about my specific conditions. I simply could not be happier and am looking forward to a long-standing relationship with Dr. Fliegler.
—Kathryn J.

No other doctor that I have ever seen has cared so much for my well being and I really appreciate it. You have done in a matter of two weeks what no doctor has done in over a year! Thanks a million, I feel as I am actually starting to get control back of my life and you are a major part of that.
—Don A.

What a breath of fresh air! Dr. Fliegler is a Godsend.
—Helen S.

WOW!! Finally a doctor willing to actually serve his patients. I called for an appointment, and was able to be seen the same day - and all information was taken by the doctor - not the office staff. I'll gladly pay his price for this service. Maybe some of the other doctors in town will wake up and take notice. No more lengthy waiting to be seen. Thanks "Dr. Rob" for taking this step to truly serve your patients.
—Beth G.

Being diagnosed and treated with a medical problem has now become a worry free occurrence in our life...thanks to Dr. Robert Fliegler and VIP Medical Access. With his 24/7 availability, we rest assured that any problem, large or small is addressed quickly and with true care and concern on his part. We are so grateful to have found him and to have him a part of this community.
—Sue and Patrick H.